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Emerald Fairy - A New Take on Celtic Fairies

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Green Man by John Shannon
Celtic Fairy was a beautiful and traditional piece of Celtic mythology artwork retired by The Mountain in 2008. She was a household favorite, and was an important link to the ancient Celt appreciation for the spirit world in general, and for fairies, pixies, and sprites in particular. Perhaps as attonement, The Mountain has brought us Emerald Fairy by James Ryman for their 2010 Celtic and Fantasy art lines.
True, she is a strikingly modern take on the time-honored tradition of Celtic fairies, an Irish fairy, if you will. But she is very much in keeping with James Ryman's other fantasy artwork, which is why he has become one of the hottest new artists in The Mountain's catalog, and who portrays quite a range of subjects.
You can find Emerald Fairy in our Celtic Legends Store, as well as in our Fairy Store. Or if she is exactly what you are looking for, you can find her by herself here: Emerald Fairy, the shirt.

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